Is it right to say allamdulillah , jajaakallah, etc. to non-Muslim friends, or using these words during a talk with non-Muslim?


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It is ok so say Alhamdulillah around non-Muslims. However, it is best to refrain from saying "Assalaamu Alaikum" or "Jazak Allah" to them because both are in essence duas you bestow on Muslims. One dua you can make for a non-Muslim is a dua that Allah Ta'ala grants them guidance and hidayah.

In order to show good manners (akhlaaq), though, one may greet a non-Muslim with a kind dua such as "May Allah grant you righteousness and guidance."
And instead of saying "Jazak Allah", you may use words such as "Thank you" to show your gratitude.

And Allah Knows best

And Allah knows best.

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