can you tell me if wuzu is still valid if i have a nose piercing in my nose and leave it in whilst doing wuzu? i am not sure, do i carry out wuzu as normal even though i have a nose peircing? or do we have to take all piercings out.


If the nose ring is slightly loose in the pierced area, then it is mustahab(or preferred) to remove the nose ring from the piercing. It is not compulsory to move the nose ring around/remove the nose ring from its hole if it is loose. because water will be able to reach the area around and inside the piercing. However, if the nose ring is tight, then it will be wajib (close to fardh) to either remove the nose ring or move the nose ring around in its hole so that water reaches everywhere. Because washing the entire face once is a fardh of wudhu, it is absolutely necessary to make sure that all parts of the face have been reached with water, including the area in and around a nose ring.

And Allah knows best.

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