I want to marry with someone. What should I pray or Du'a to fullfill my wish, please tell me about any wazifah? How to perform Salat Hajjat and tell me about those Du'a thorugh which I will fullfill my wish?


Dear Sister in Islam, Salatul Hajaat is a regular 2 rakaah prayer followed by a Du'a that has been prescribed by Rasul salllahu Alahi wa sallam. One can also pray Salatul Istikhara when seeking guidance from Allah. This is also a 2 rakah prayer followed by a Du'a. The Dua's can be found in Du'a books. A good Du'a book that has been translated in various languages is Al-Hisnul Haseen. The most preferred time for this prayer is the last portion of the night before the fajr prayer. But you can pray it at other times too. It is an ibadah to seek help from Allah. We should not become despondent if our Dua's have not been answered. It may be that Allah Ta'ala has bestowed on us another bounty, or granted us relief from a difficulty, or a reward is given to us in the Akhirah in place of it. Alhamdulillah, Allah Ta'ala always grants us what is best for us and we should not be hasty or ungrateful. In addition, it is important to research and read books and articles on marriage so that we look for the qualities in a man that are pleasing to Allah Ta'ala. There are articles on this website too. Do read them and arm yourself with the knowledge of Deen. May Allah Ta'ala grant you a spouse that will be the coolnes of your eyes. Ameen! Editor's note:Du'a for Istikhara: Salatul Hajaat, Du'a and the method given on page 54-55 of the following booklet:

And Allah knows best.

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