I try to be a good Muslim because I want to , I try to convince my self that I really I am . And for this i try to follow EACH AND EVERY teaching of Islam. i read Quran daily and try to understand it... besides I am really emotional about Islam too I start arguing with Non-Muslims and when they say anything bad about Allah S.W.T and Muhammad S.A.W.W I start crying .


Please study this Short Course for learning Basics of Islam for yourself

Here is a quick introduction to Islam (charts, flyers and articles)

People cannot give respect or honor -- only Allah can grant peace, love, contentment of heart, a blessed life in this world and in Jannah for true believers. Difficulties and trials can become a means of raising our status and earn countless reward.

The biggest sin is Shirk which leads to hellfire in the life hereafter. That is why the Prophets made so much effort so that each everyone realizes the purpose of life, gets an opportunity to make Taubah. The pious belivers in the Ummah also made an effort so that their families and neighbors can discover the sweetness of Islam. In this effort, a believer is steadfast, forgiving, patient, trustworthy, kind and caring.

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And Allah knows best.

Ask Alimah Team

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