I do a lot of Zikr after Isha paryer. Around 11:30 to 12 midnight I hear this noise only one time. The noise is like a 'Tik' sound while there is no one in my room except me.


Noises within are out of man's control and, regardless of how bad they are, one should not be worried about it. There is no sin regarding it nor will he be accountable, as in the rules of Allah there is no questioning for those things that are out of the control of human. However, it is proven that if one is kept busy, such whispers do not occur nor do they impact one's life.

[Editor' Note]: Take care of your health and have a walk in the morning and evening to refresh your mind. If there is a weakness due to less sleep, you may try to reduce the amount of Zikr, after consulting a Shaykh in your area.

And Allah knows best.

Ask Alimah Team

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