Gift for New Muslims (English) 

 Essential hand-outs on learning Islam. It includes the core beliefs, purpose of life, importance of payers, everyday expressions with transliterations as well as supplications in English. This could be used as the first booklet for self-study (or classroom) by a new Muslim brother or sister.

Easy Intentions (English) 

 Convert your daily life into gold and earn lots of reward for the hereafter by remembering good intentions related to daily actions. Focus on intention increases sincerity in worship and acts of virtues in daily life.

Supplications from the heart (English) 

 This work is based on the Urdu booklet "Dua-e-Walihana" by Mufti Abdul Rauf Sukkharvi. However, it is not a word-for-word translation. Translated into English by Muhammad Owais Jafrey

Blessed Life (Urdu) 

 Words of wisdom from pious elders - how to fulfil basic human needs and focus on high vision, time management and best deeds for life hereafter!

Arrogance (Urdu) 

 Spiritual diseases corrupt the heart and lose good deeds. This Urdu book talks about the problems due to Arrogance and virtues of humbleness. It is very important to clean the heart from arrogance, malice, jealousy, greed and show-off.

Faith, Spirituality and Purpose of Life (English)  

 The recommended first book for anyone learning faith - it answers important questions "Is there 1 God?", "Is Quran word of God?", "Is there life Hereafter?" - moral and spiritual need for religion.

Happiness, how to cure sadness (English) 

 Words of wisdom, advice from scholars, beautiful stories, and guidance from the Qur’an regarding peace, happiness, and contentment in life. Share the gift of peace and joy with humanity in need!

The Noble Life (English) 

 A concise booklet on ideal human life - how to fulfil basic needs of this life while preparing for Hereafter, with excellence in time management, simplicity, piety, reliance on Allah and serving humanity

Easy Intentions (Urdu) 

 Turn your time into gold and earn great rewards by remembering good intentions related to daily actions

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