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The human heart has hidden treasures of extraordinary jewels. If found and applied, ordinary people on the street can become means of guidance to their communities, fountains of light for those lost in the dark, and upholders of justice and mercy, making the world a cradle of learning and illuminating the very nature of the universe with Divine knowledge.

Allah has limitless treasures of situations. As we clean our heart from greed and temptations, make high vision and noble intentions for life, and have mercy on all mankind, seek forgiveness from every slight mistake, and bring life of piety and true humbleness in words and actions -- new doors of blessings may open. Circumstances, trials, people, means and resources are there as a test - one who makes a correct relationship with the Creator, all the relations with the creation are sorted out. The noble Prophets and their pious companions understood it and their devout prayers would bring them from infinite treasures of the Creator.

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