a.i am a girl and i want to marry a boy whom i like but my parents wont approve for it ,though i have not talked about it to them yet..The boys family is ALLAH fearing and they are very nice people but the reason that why my parents wont approve him is the cast problem between the two families. my parents always fear about what society will say. b. Actually i love someone and my parents are completely against this. I know dating in Islam is not right. but all i want is that my parents accept our relationship and help me make it become halal. I don't want to hurt my parents i just want them to accept my decision. i read from this website of salaat hajjat, i would also like you people to pray for me. Disobeying parents is a great sin indeed and i don't want to indulge in this. please pray for me that inchallah every indifferences between the 2 families are eliminated and Allah shower his Blessing upon us and guide us right. jazakallah khair


A religious person is better for both this life and hereafter. 'Religious' does not mean who prays and fast only - the definition is 'who abstains from all sins' - this includes our dailiy life, food, finances, dress, full hijab and Niqab, manners and purification of heart - read the article and Khutbah on our site and listen to leactures .. inshaAllah your knowledge will increase.

Make your choice for Taqwa(piety) instead of just looking for the apparent beauty or wealth.

First of all, you should do istikhara to find out whether that person is right for you or not. you can pray Salatul Istikhara when seeking guidance from Allah. This is a 2 rakah prayer followed by a Du'a. The Dua's can be
found in Du'a books. A good Du'a book that has been translated in various languages is Al-Hisnul Haseen. The most preferred time for this prayer is the last portion of the night before the fajr prayer. But you can pray it
at other times too.

It is an ibadah to seek help from Allah. We should not become despondent if our Dua's have not been answered. It may be that Allah Ta'ala bestow on us another bounty, or grant us relief from a difficulty, or a reward is
given to us in the Akhirah in place of it. Alhamdulillah,
Allah Ta'ala always grants us what is best for us and we should not be hasty or ungrateful.

In addition, it is important to research and read books and articles on marriage so that we look for the qualities in a man that are pleasing to Allah Ta'ala. There are articles on this website too. Do read them and arm yourself with the knowledge of Deen.

May Allah Ta'ala grant you a spouse that will be the coolness of your
eyes. Ameen!

Du'a for Istikhara:

While engaged with someone (before Nikah), please observe complete Hijab when this man is present. Unnecessary talking or getting close to this man before marriage may lead to problems. Taubah is neccessary for the past mistakes.

Cure for Pre-Marriage Love Relationship which does not lead to a Marriage

Why is Hijab necessary?

And Allah knows best.

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